Boat & Dock

Boats sure are lots of fun, but many times they can be a source of worry. This is especially true when it spends its time in a boat dock while you're away from your lake home. Heavy rains, no rain at all, or icing in the winter can all have potential harmful effects on your boat's berth. And don't forget about the varmints. Pests like racoons can really wreak havoc! The last thing you want to do is make special trips to your lake home just to check on your boat and dock. But, what is the alternative?

We are! Lake Home Help can monitor your boat and dock when you're not in residence at your lake home. If severe weather hits the Tablerock Lake area we will visit your property to ensure there is nothing awry. But if there is, we'll notify you immediately before further damage is incurred. We offer affordable monitoring packages that will make your pocketbook smile and help keep your boat from harm. Call us today for more information: 417.894.6477