How Much is Your Time Worth?

There is really nothing much better than having a home away from home, except when you have to take care of it. The whole idea of a lake home is to enjoy it to its fullest, but sometimes that's difficult when you end up spending a big chunk of your weekend or vacation time working on chores and fix-up routines. That's where Lake Home Help can come to your rescue.

Sign up for "personalized" services that include checking on your property to make sure there is no weather damage or unforeseen accident while you're not there. We also can perform security checks inside and out and even take care of routine maintenance and courtesy services like grocery shopping so your lake home is ready when you arrive for some fun in the sun. Lake Home Help offers different levels of Service Packages to fit your requirements and budget. We're insured, licensed and bonded. Give us a call today at 417.894.6477 to find out what we can do for you.

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We will make sure your vacation property is in great shape and safe from weather hazards. Options for inside and/or outside monitoring.

We can offer project management referral services such as storm damage repair, remodeling or upgrading, landscaping, maintenance and more!