Dock and Boat Prep

The boat is ready for you

Table Rock Lake is best enjoyed by boat!  However, boat maintenance or dock maintenance can be a source of constant worry for many vacation home owners.  When you’re far from your Table Rock Lake home or Branson vacation home it’s hard to keep an eye on your boat or your dock.  Severe weather, animals and even vandals can cause unforeseen accidents or damage that turn into huge problems when they aren’t quickly addressed. 

Lake Home Help offers a wide variety of services to help ensure your boat and dock are in pristine condition when you arrive for a relaxing vacation. With our insured, licensed and bonded staff, you can rest assured that when you arrive at the lake, your boat will be fueled up, ready and waiting!

Our Boat Maintenance and Dock Maintenance Services:

  • Monitoring for damage from severe weather
  • Routine security checks
  • Pest and vermin inspections
  • Seasonal checks during cold spells, icing events etc.
  • Immediate owner notification of any damage or problems
  • Fueling of boats/personal watercraft
  • Transportation to and from storage units 
  • Overseeing winterization and seasonal storage
boat maintenance and dock maintenance Table Rock Lake

Don’t Be Sidelined on the Shore by Boat Maintenance

Vacation time is precious. You work hard for these moments with your family.  Let Lake Home Help monitor and secure your boat and dock at your Table Rock Lake or Branson vacation home! Your boat and dock are the golden tickets to a fun filled weekend at the lake.  We’ll help keep them that way! Get in touch with us to learn more!

Call for a free quote

From routine lawn, home and seasonal upkeep to courtesy services like grocery delivery, contractor management or security checks, Lake Home Help does it all!  Give us a call for a free quote or to discuss your requirements and budget.  You’ve invested a lot in your Table Rock Lake vacation home, don’t let distance be an obstacle to maintaining it!  Call us today!